Monday, September 14, 2009

1st Birthday Party Planning

As a stay at home mom it takes very little to get me excited about things. One of those things is my daughter's 1st birthday that is coming up. Another thing that gets me excited is coupon and bargain shopping. Put them together and I am in heaven. Over the last few weeks I have been shopping around for the best deals and it looks like everything is coming together.

I got super cute invitations from Tiny Prints that I won for free from Mom Giveaways.

The party theme is (plates and cups):

and I searched high and low on the internet until I found the absolute best price.

For toddler entertainment I got a small indoor ball pit on clearance at WalMart:

and I got 250 extra balls for it from Toys R Us and I used a birthday coupon (sign up for the Toys R Us birthday club and they send a coupon for the child's birthday and they get a balloon at Toys R Us).

The day of the party I will be going to Sams and getting food for everybody (between 20-25 people but that includes kids). This is mainly a family and close friend event.

For Violet's birthday her Daddy and I got her a ride on Little Tikes Coupe:

And we got it brand new in the box for 50% off from T.J. Max.

And finally we got her a leap frog learning puppy:

We mainly got it because the dog's name is Violet and of course it was on sale. It looks cool too, apparently you can plug it into the computer and add songs and stuff so that your child can interact with it.

All that is left to do is order the birthday cake. I am so baby is not a baby anymore!