Monday, July 30, 2012

Super Undies - Review

As a cloth diapering mama cloth trainers can be just as important as cloth diapers. The sad thing is there does not seem to be a lot of cloth trainers out there that can be easily pulled on and pulled off by my toddler yet still be big kid looking enough for her to want to wear them. That is where I found super undies to excel. With a name like super undies what big kid wouldn't want to wear them. No diapers for these big kids!

I opted to try the pull-on potty training pants on my oldest daughter since we are towards the end of our potty training journey and they offer an easy on/off with some padding for small accidents. When I opened the package I was actually surprised with how soft the material on the sides were. Like super soft. When I showed them to my 3 year old and told her they were super undies she wanted to wear them right then and there. They were so trim! Of course the pocket version or the overnight version would be much bulkier. It came with an extra insert that was simple to tuck into the flap on the inside. I love that you can adjust the absorbancy to fit my daughter's needs.

I found these are great for my toddler since she has very few accidents. She can wear these on long car trips where we might not be able to pull over right away and at night to keep the bed from getting totally soaked in the case of an accident. These are way nicer than disposable pull ups that cost a fortune and are more filler for our landfills (see how I inserted my somewhat crunchy mama-ness into this review).

The pull on potty training pants are made from the following materials (taken straight from their website):
Inner fabric - Touching skin:A smooth poly-Lycra blend
Absorbency inner:Microfiber Terry Cloth
Colored outer fabric:Waterproof PUL

The inner fabric reminded me of a stretchy bathing suit layer and it is actually quite soft and not irritating at all. My daughter hates tags or itchy fabrics and she did not complain once about the super undies' materials.

The only con I found is that even though my 3.5 year old is completely average in size she told me that the leg holes were too tight on her. I got her the medium that said it fits 2-5 years of age and I wish I had gotten her the large that is suppose to be for ages 5+. The elastic around her stomach fit great. They obviously need a tight fit to hold in pee but they did leave little red marks on her legs after using them overnight. This would not dissuade me from using them though. I would just get her the next size up. Of course I would also love it if they added some cute prints to their designs.

I wish I had known about super undies months ago when we started this whole potty training process. When it comes time to potty train my youngest I will definitely want several of these on hand. It took overnight for them to line dry (which is how I dry most of my cloth diapers) so I will need several on hand. When it is really hot around the house I will let her just wear these. They are cute enough that they don't need shorts over them when we are all just hanging around the house. In fact super undies should make matching shirts with capes so that toddlers can run around screaming "super undies."

Check out their videos to learn what will work best for your kiddo. Sure the videos are cheesy but I like to view videos because it gives you a better idea on how they work besides just looking at cute pictures.

As quite the super hero fan I find that super undies are indeed super!!! Completely off topic but the Incredible hulk is my favorite super hero.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First Family Trip - Success!

Breastfeeding Humor
Recently we took our very first family trip since our first was born. Off to Stone Mountain, Georgia with my parents. My baby girl was amazing during the entire car trip from central Florida. My oldest was able to watch movies and play on her itouch so she was as good as a 3 year old that does not want to sit still can be. It was just so much fun to just get out of town. Violet just loved staying in a hotel. The hotel pool was awesome and since it was the hottest day on record in Atlanta since records have been kept everybody was in the pool. Because it was freakin hot!!!!
Ready for the Laser Show
Lily is now 9 months old (8 months in the picture). Yet again time is flying by. In fact it is flying by even faster than with my first. She is crawling super fast now and likes to pull up on stuff but she is a little timid so walking is several weeks away yet. She will take steps with her push toys but not independently yet. I am constantly saying how did I get this lucky???? Nothing beats being a mom. Lately Violet has been telling me she wants to grow up and be a super hero doctor mommy. I told her that would be just awesome.
Sisters on top of Stone Mountain, Georgia
Getting a picture of them both together without my oldest throwing a tantrum or poking her younger sister is next to impossible. So here you have it. Both are relatively happy. For some reason Lily took to this particular pacifier during this trip so this picture is Maggie Simpson style. Upon return home she will only take a pacifier in the car or in bed.

Lots of stuff going on in our family lives. Big changes in the future. Right now I will settle for evening swims in our pool and impromptu beach trips on the weekends. Days spent sleeping in as a family (all in the same bed plus a giant dog and a cat). Loving how simple life is right now. I am one lucky mama.