Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Now Have Two Flowers!!!!

Lily Cora
October 20, 2011
11:14 am
8 pounds 1 ounce
20 inches
Born at 39 weeks

The past few weeks of my pregnancy consisted of daily migraines. For me that includes extreme nausea, mild headaches and extreme auras that make it so I can not even see anything for about an hour. I had gone in several times to my OBGYN practice to get my blood pressure checked and it was always great. So they just began monitoring me closely. I even had a non stress test (NST) at once when she did not move during the appointment. The test ended up just perfect. The migraines were not getting any better and my vision started getting blurry as well. Although migraines for me are not unusual the frequency was what was alarming and more than anything just annoying. When visiting the midwife (whom I just loved) in the practice she told me if I was favorable then we could schedule an induction because they did not want the migraines to turn into anything more serious. I was 2-3cm dilated and effaced (although I don't know how much). Despite wanting to go natural I decided to go ahead with the induction at 39 weeks.

My last meal was waffle house because in my small town literally nothing was open at 6am. Then it was off to the hospital at 7am. After waiting in outpatient and doing some paperwork we were called upstairs around 8am. I was immediately put in a room and they started the IV and getting all the paperwork signed and blood drawn. I was still 2-3cm and around 90% effaced. Around 9am Dr. Ross started me on a very low dose of pitocin to start contractions. About 20 minutes later he came in broke my water and hooked the baby up to an internal monitor. He told me he was going back the office and he would check on me later that afternoon. I have heard my share of horror stories with induction so I was mentally prepared for the long haul. Husband was even doing work on his computer. About 40 minutes after he broke my water contractions came out of nowhere and they were strong and powerful. I immediately told my husband if I was in for a day of contractions of that intensity then I needed my epidural and I needed it right now! The two nice nurses started setting my room up for the epidural. I was literally squeezing my husband's hand with all my strength at each contraction. At one point I asked the nurse if I should go to the bathroom and poop before the epidural since I knew I would be unable to get out of bed once it was in place and I had a silly fear of pooping on the delivery table. She told me I was fine and it was probably just the baby's head putting pressure down there. At this point all I could picture was the epidural and how I wanted some relief. I remembered from my first pregnancy how amazing it could be to relax once it was in place (although with my first it was only in place about an hour before push time).

The epidural part was the worst part of the whole birth. I was experiencing the most painful contractions I had ever had while he was working on my back. He had to keep re-threading the catheter in my back because he was unable to get it between the bone. Probably because I was not curling my back in the right way because I was seriously struggling through the contractions. It felt like he had to do it a dozen times although my husband said it was more like 5 times. Finally in place I laid down and waited for relief.

This is when crazy Katrina decided to come out. I started screaming at the anesthesiologist that he needed to re-do the epidural because it was not working! I was getting contractions about a minute apart and they were so strong. He told me it would take time but I was so very impatient. The nurse and anesthesiologist tried to tell me it was fine and that it just needed time to start working. I started telling the other nurse I needed to poop again. She said she would go ahead and check me. She said I was a 7. I was thinking awesome at least I was getting progress. What she did not tell me was I was actually a 9-10 and that she did not want to scare me since my doc was not at the hospital. She told me she would go call the doctor so he could come back for delivery. While this was going on I was still telling the anesthesiologist it was not working and I needed more meds and I needed them NOW. They upped it in the IV and said relief was coming.

I heard the two nurses whispering and I asked loudly what they were talking about. She told me that a doctor from another practice had just finished delivering a baby and he was going to wait until my doctor got there just in case he did not make it. Had I been thinking clearly this would have tipped me off. Instead at the time all I could think was I am at a 7 and he is 20 minutes away and that would be plenty of time. At this point the contractions were so painful and I started screaming my husband's name at each contraction saying...Matt Matt Matt Matt over and over through the pain. I was having the most intense urge to push. My doctor got there and he said lets have a baby. I am squeezing my husband's hand and the two nurses help me hold my legs. Finally the epidural started working (in that tingly leg fall asleep way) but at this point it was practically pointless! Dr. Ross told me to just push whenever I felt the urge. I liked being able to push when I was ready instead of being told to. Less than 5 minutes of pushing and out she came! They put her on my chest and I was able to just stare at this little baby girl that had been growing inside of me for 9 months. I just stared while I took it all in. They let me hold her for quite a while until I told them they could take her away to clean her up and check her out. It was no more than 15 minutes later when she was given back to me and I got to breastfeed her for the first time. Latched right on. I was able to just hold her and breastfeed her for as long as I wanted before they took her to the nursery to be officially checked out and cleaned up. Everyone at the hospital told me how lucky I was to have an induction and labor that only about 2 hours and I do feel extremely blessed. No tearing or ripping and no pooping on the table. Recovery has been much easier and quicker this time around. Another birth for me to treasure in my memory for the rest of my life. My heart feels swollen with so much love!

She was named Lily because we love the idea of having two girls with flower names. Her middle name Cora is also her Great Great Great Grandmother's name. I have a hard time believing that I actually gave birth to two amazing little girls. I feel like one extremely lucky Mama!