Wednesday, September 22, 2010

T minus 1 Day!

In the morning I pack up and head down to Miami where I will fly across the Atlantic and be in Europe. To say I am excited is an understatement!!!! Oktoberfest is our destination! My husband and I along with 4 of our good friends will be celebrating the 200th Oktoberfest right in all the action. I am not even a beer drinker but this is the one beer event to end all beer drinking events. We will be spending several days enjoying the festivities and then we are off to Paris for several more days of being a tourist in a far away land. The one and only drawback is leaving my beautiful and fun-loving 23 month old daughter, Violet, behind for 10 days. I know she is in great hands with my parents a.k.a. Grams and Bear. She will have a blast with them. When I say goodbye tomorrow I will be a puddle of tears and I am in no way at all a crier. So of course my heart will ache for her. I hope to bring her some fun souvenirs and I have already promised to take her to Paris when she is 13. I will have a fun and exiting recap of my trip when I get back. I miss you already Violet!!! Mommy loves!!!