Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hatred of the Squinkies

I despise squinkies. They are small and easy to loose, they are expensive for tiny pieces of plastic and I hate the ball that is so easy to step on and break. If you have no idea what I am talking about then consider yourself blessed. My daughter had asked for them a time or two. I said no that she was not old enough. She accepted this which she always does to the age reason. So of course my Mother in Law bought her a pack. I was absolutely FURIOUS!!! The main reason is they are the perfect choking hazard for my 5 month old soon to be crawling baby girl.

So of course having one set my age reasoning went out the window. The only thing in the world she asked of the Easter bunny was squinkies. He of course had to comply. Each plastic egg that was placed in the back yard had a disney squinkie inside. Of course she loved them. But in the next month I will have to take them away until baby sister is much older. Husband and I have actually done really well keeping the choking hazards out of the house.

I also hate all things tiny and made from China. When she gets them at school or parties or from mother in law they immediately go in the garbage. I know many might think it is silly but this is one thing that husband agrees and supports me 100% on. We just hate crap!

Here are Violet's Easter Funnies:

Upon going through her Easter basket she had quite a few funny things to say. When seeing that she got a ballerina umbrella her full of attitude and slowly stated response was "I don't need another umbrella." Upon seeing a package of disney panties she replied with "all I really wanted was squinkies." By far the best was when she picked up a Melissa and Doug sand bucket set to pretend to make sand ice cream cones. She picks up the bucket with one finger cocks her head to the side and says "an ice cream bucket.....really?" Looks like Santa better watch out!