Friday, July 24, 2009

Water Baby

Violet is just now finishing up on week 3 of swim lessons and I am super proud of my little girl. A better term would actually be swimming survival skills. Her lessons are through Infant Swimming Resource which is the same company that I learned to swim with 27 years ago. The founder of the swim technique taught me when I was just a baby. My mom had actually taken me to two other classes before she found ISR and she felt that the methods they were using were not teaching me anything. Then she found Dr. Barnett and ISR and she knew she had found the right method for us. Even though Violet is only 9 months old I knew I would not use any other way but ISR. I know this sounds like a paid endorsement but I have not received anything for this glowing review. I just feel it is important for every baby to learn how to float should the unthinkable happen. Violet is already floating on her own for a few seconds and over the next 3 weeks or so I know that her skills will get even better and in the end she will even be put in the pool fully clothed and she will roll to her back and float. Since we live in Florida we felt it was extra important since we are literally surrounded by water.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big Titty Commitee

So I will be going on a 3 day trip with my husband's firm without dear child. I will be wearing dress clothes and such so I have been shopping to find the perfect outfits. I also had to go and get a new non nursing bra. That was an adventure all by itself. I absolutely hate when the bra ladies try and help you with finding a bra so decided to go at it by myself like I always have. After having huge nursing boobies I kept picking bras with too small a cup size. I decided to let my guard down and have the sales woman help. She ended up being awesome and she even nursed her son for 4 years. I must have tried on ever single huge boobie bra in the whole store....which amounted to about 30. I ended up with 2 that fit good and should look good under my outfits. The grand total was a size......DDD. Ugh....thankfully the size G was too big.