Monday, June 29, 2009

Like mother like daughter.

So Saturday my mom, baby Violet and I attended a family birthday party at a park in Lakeland. While I was there I breastfed V in the car in the same spot my mom breastfed me in many years ago. It is the only pic of my mom breastfeeding me and I let my mom take a picture of me in the same spot. I thought it was sweet.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Silence your phones and leave your baby at home!

I got into some online arguments today about bringing babies to the movie theater (excluding children's movies). Seriously that is my biggest pet peeve on earth! If your baby cries even 2 seconds it has already disrupted my movie experience. Movies are expensive and I found a responsible sitter to watch my daughter and you should do the same. All it takes is one cry and a critical line in the movie can be missed. Coughing I can handle, people getting up to pee can get up all they want but please be considerate and leave your baby at home. It is loud and can not possibly be good for their hearing anyway. The only little kids that should be in a movie should be sour patch.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My nipple is not a teether!

So V is now 8 months old. Sometimes I still think it is weird to think of myself as "mom." But Mom I am. This also marks 8 months of breastfeeding and let me say that I NEVER thought I would last that long. I have officially surpassed any other member of my family in terms of breastfeeding the longest. When I was pregnant I would say I hope to breastfeed to 6 months but we shall see what happens. The more I read and researched the more I realized that 6 months was not enough and my ultimate goal is to make it to 12 months. I do look forward to my boobs being "mine" again. V got her first tooth on June 3rd and proceeded to bite down on my nipple. It even left a tooth mark...yikes! Hopefully the rest of her teeth will come in slowly so that I can finish up my breastfeeding goal.

At the end of next month I will be going on my husband's firm retreat and I will be away from her for 2 nights. I do not look forward to it. We are not ready. V still takes naps on my shoulder and spends half the night sleeping in bed with me while nursing. Agh....must not stress as a weekend away from daughter should be a stress free relaxing time. I have noticed that she nurses a lot less than she use to and she no longer nurses for comfort during the day. If she is not hungry than she does not want boob. All bets are off at night though and all she can think about is BOOB!

When she is finally weaned I want a nice cold bud light. I do miss social drinking at gatherings. One thing I do have to look forward to is college football!!!! Go Gators! I know that has nothing to do with what I was talking about but it is my blog and I will send out random shoutouts to my school if I want to :)