Monday, May 3, 2010

Scrubbing Down the Fort

One of my major duties as a SAHM is cleaning. Thankfully I love cleaning. Not other's people's houses...only my own. I get satisfaction out of seeing the dirt inside the vacuum and the way everything looks so nice after I am done. That is why when I won a recent giveaway on A Mom Can Dream I got super excited. It was for a whole set of seventh generation cleaning supplies.

• Disinfecting Multi-Surface Spray
• Disinfecting Bathroom Spray
• Disinfecting Wipes
• Liquid Laundry Detergent
• Liquid Fabric Softener
• Dish liquid
• All- Purpose Cleaner Spray
• Dishwasher Pacs
• Glass Cleaner Spray
• Natural Paper Towels
• Seventh Generation Recycled Bag

I received the set and got right to work. The house was already picked up from the weekend and this allowed for me to work on the nitty gritty. I was a little skeptical using cleaning supplies that is supposed to be better for the environment but I have been pleasantly surprised. They cleaned more grime. I especially liked the dish soap as it seemed to really get my dishes clean. My favorite part is the lack of harsh odors. I get migraines sometimes and they can often be triggered by harsh cleaning products. These products had such light smells that there were no headaches for me. I also like that the products are safe to use around my Princess Pooch and Baby Violet. I am an avid addict of Clorox wipes but with more use I may find myself permanently switching over to seventh generation.

Now if only my toddler who hates when I am doing anything but playing with her would give me more time to keep this castle clean.

I was offered nothing in exchange for this review. I won the products on another blog and was so pleased with the product that I decided to blog about it.