Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Little Mermaid

My daughter is only 31 months old and she rocks at swimming. She can swim all the way across the shallow end of the pool all by herself and just this last weekend she started swimming to the bottom of the shallow end of the pool and retrieving dive sticks all on her own. We call her our little mermaid. People are constantly asking where she learned to swim. It was all through Infant Swimming Resource which I also did 29 years ago. They really do teach swimming skills that will last a lifetime.
Please ignore the crappy resolution on the camera. Since I am huge into mommy blog giveaways I of course won a really crappy spongebob underwater camera. It is the only camera we have that can go underwater so these are better than nothing.



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And the winner is Katrina!


Thanks so much...emailing you now!

The Knapps

She does rock at swimming! We'll have to put my baby in those swim lessons as well so all of our kids can swim together :)

Blogging ExtraLite

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Stefani @

What an adorable picture. I have never taken an underwater picture. I might just have to get one to take pictures this summer.


I think that's a great picture for underwater!
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She's adorable!!!

Adriel (The Mommyhood Memos)

love it! i think the underwater camera is great. :) love it that she's already swimming. we started our little guy swimming as a baby and he's always loved the water because of it. i feel so much safer knowing that he's learning how to swim!


That is so cute and kudos to you for teaching your daughter so young! And yay for the spongebob underwater camera! lol :)
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Crystal Escobar

That is so cute! Good for her.


ISR is great, my son loves the water and we do lessons at our local community pool, he is doing ok, but still not swimming on his own.

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