Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hobby Turned Obsession?????

My other motive for starting this blog was to continue my hobby/obsession for freebies. For the last three years I have in my spare time at work entered contests and signed up for freebies. My biggest wins have been a free year of Netflix, 3 ipod shuffles (I returned 2 for a nano though) and some $100 leather shoes I won for my husband. As for freebies I get anywhere from 10-20 magazines in the mail a month, and tons and tons of small samples of deodorant, toothpaste and such. I also belong to a company where I test products for them and afterwards I get to keep the product. Finally, I belong to a survey company where I get paid $3 a survey and I usually get to do around 2 a month. It adds up though because I have bough stuff for V’s nursery using the money.

Since becoming a stay at home mom I have found more time to devote to my hobby and I recently uncovered mommy blogs. Many have giveaways for free stuff. They blog about a product/company and you go to the company website then comment back on the original blog post describing an item you saw to prove you went to the website. I love checking out the websites because it tells me about products and cute items revolving kids/babies. I usually enter these contests while V is boob feeding. Maybe 2 hours a day tops. So far I have won somewhere around 16 contests and I have only done this for maybe 2 months.

My loot thusfar:
A organic newborn outfit for a boy (will make a great gift)
$50 gift certificate to (where I will make V’s first birthday invitations)
Around 10 different books
A huge box of organic cleaning supplies (stuff I had wanted to try anyways)
New kind of toothbrush
Super cute pink hair clips for V
A toy watch
2 baby/children’s CDs
Toy wrangler (too keep V’s toys from falling out of the stroller)

Back to my original point. I started this blog because if you post a button for the blog on your blog some contests then give you an extra entry. Therefore on this blog I will have a blogroll of my favorite blogs (that offer giveaways).


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