Saturday, April 18, 2009

No Food and Drink Allowed

So today after 6 months in my new town I finally have my library card. As a future library professional this is very exciting for me. It is a smaller library than what I am use to. Coming from Orlando and their massive downtown library it is very strange to see such a small library and small book selection. I will make do and as soon as Violet reaches 18 months I will have her there weekly for toddler time. I am seriously excited to share my passion of books to my offspring.

I also experienced my first session of nursing in public. I picked the back corner of the library put a blanket over her and let her get some lunch. I got a few double takes from some library patrons but it was more painless than I thought it would be. My mother was with me and reached out to the nearest shelf and pulled a book off so we would have something to do while she ate and it was a giant history/picture book of my college (UF). We laughed at the odds of that happening. We also laughed at the no food or drink allowed in the library rule. Should I have checked my boobs at the door?



too funny
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Way to be a rule breaker, K :)


You crack me up!

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