Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cookie Monster

As a child I just LOVED watching Sesame Street. That and Reading Rainbow were my absolute favorites as a young child. As I got older I progressed to other masterpieces like DuckTales, DarkWing Duck and others that were part of the after school line up. Back to the good old street. My favorite character was and always will be Cookie Monster. I loved everything about him, the fact that he was blue, his googly eyes and of course his love for cookies!!! I have only recently started watching shows on television with my daughter and Sesame Street is one of them. I find that on the newer episodes Cookie Monster is not nearly as common...or so it seems. I guess this is because Elmo has become the new favorite and probably because moms across America didn't like a puppet conveying the message "eat tons of cookies!" Perhaps he should be eating celery??? I like it when they show some of the original episodes. Lo and behold they recently played my favorite song every...I Lost My Cookie at the Disco!!!!!! I have attached the video so you can be reminded of your youth and how awesome Cookie Monster is!!!!!!!!!!


Brimful Curiosities

My son is super scared of Cookie Monster. I have no idea why. He much prefers Elmo.


This post described my childhood! Aside from Cookie Monster, I loved Grover, especially when he was the waiter! We took my son to Sea World around Christmas time so he could see the Sesame Street show they had, and he couldn't stop talking about how he got to see Cookie Monster.

Show Me Mama

My daughter loves Elmo and she gets confused with Grover and Cookie Monster :) LOL
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