Monday, June 21, 2010

Origins of a Blog

The title of my blog is Wakeboarding Mama and up until this point I do not even think I have mentioned wakeboarding. It is just a sport my husband and I like to do with friends for fun and I felt every other mommy blog name was taken so I tried to be original. I have never been one to be very creative.

This past weekend was full of wakeboarding so I decided to post a picture of me and the hubby wakeboarding together. On July 2nd we will have been married for 5 years.



Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! I like your blog name. It's very cute!

Phoenix Peacock

thats pretty cute photo for your five year anniversary! Congratulations!

Joanna Jenkins

So THAT'S what "wakeboarding" means. I had no idea!

Happy Anniversary!


Chef Bee

I just found your blog. It's so fun. You go Wakeboarding Mama!

Plan B


Great photo!

Martha (MM)

Love the shot!
I'm in Florida too - SW side near Venice :-)

Margo McCann

Wakeboarding is amazing. I have only been a few times but watching wakeboarding videos is a great way for me to learn some new things without being in the water!

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