Thursday, August 16, 2012

Exciting News....

I am super excited about what lies ahead for my family. Big changes. After living in our current city for 4 years we will be moving back home to where I grew up. Move on over Mickey you are getting some new neighbors, Orlando here we come! This coming January we will find ourselves starting a new journey for our family.

I say new journey because ever since we had kids this is the only place we have lived. It is a small coastal community and although I am use to a much faster paced city it has become home. Well at least home for my girls. I am not one for change. Living here has become comfortable. Like an old sweater. Everything is in its place. The idea of finding new pediatricians, dentists, pediatric dentist, hair stylist, optometrist, family physicians, preschools and a place to live is a bit daunting. Husband's current employer is letting him transfer offices so he still gets to stay working with a group that he likes. Not to mention that every single provider of services we have here I absolutely love. Right down to the local donut shop and how they know us even though we don't go very often.

I never wanted to move away from home. Life had other plans. We found ourselves pregnant with our first baby and my husband was fresh out of law school in a horrible job market. Eight months later a great job offer came along but it required us to move. It was a no brainer. Less than two months at his first job as a lawyer and we were first time parents to an extremely difficult baby. Transitioning to small town life was difficult for me. Add in the fact I didn't have a single friend within 100 miles and I became extremely lonely.

Slowly things started falling into place. This city started out as a not so comfortable itchy sweater, after lots of wash and wear it has become quite comfortable.

As slow and easy as small town life is I have always craved something more. I crave theme parks and outlet malls. Heck, my first job ever was working at a roller coaster. I love that I will be living in the same city as my babysitting...score! Another huge benefit of the move is that the school system we currently live in is horrible. Like worst in the state kind of horrible. I am all about public school but those around here are bottom of the barrel. Leaving our current house will be hard. We got it in foreclosure and gutted it and fixed it up right down to the oil rubbed bronze doorknobs. The house really is too big for us so we are hoping for something smaller.

I am writing all this out because the hubs has prevented me from sharing it on facebook....just yet. I am just so excited and nervous at the same time. I'm ready though. I really feel that in the long run Orlando is where we belong.



YAY!!! So much closer :) I won't say anything...yet!


How exciting! So glad things are falling into place for you :D

SG Angela

congrats! It is very exciting. Being close to family definitely has its perks.


Best of luck with your upcoming move! EXCITING!


I can't wait for you guys to get back here :)

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