Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's That Sound....

Oh right that is the sound of my thighs scraping together. It has finally happened, the husband and I are officially members of our local gym. The important thing to remember here is we are both lazy. Like sit in front of the TV and veg out kind of lazy. Like watch yet another House Hunters International kind of lazy.

In high school my husband played football and was on the weightlifting team. So he was in the gym 5+ times a week. He worked out hardcore. After high school he called it quits.

In high school I was an athlete. I was on the soccer team, rowed crew for a year and for a few years was on the...ahem....bowling team (that is still exercise!!!).

All of that was over 11 years ago for us. Seven years of marriage and 2 beautiful baby girls later and it is time.

Of course there will always be the issue of our mutual love of laziness. Hopefully trying to remain fit (notice I did not say skinny) will prevail. The gym is 2 minutes from the house. Locally owned by a family for over 30 years. Nothing fancy about it. But hopefully we will be there. Making ourselves healthier for ourselves and our family.

Let's face it, we will never give up McDonald's tasty salty fries. Exercise is healthy for the mind and soul as well as the body. So I raise my sugar free vanilla iced coffee in the air and toast myself....You can do this Katrina!



Congrats on the work out goal! I'm lazy too. I love running, but sometimes just putting on my shoes and getting out the door seems impossible. We can do it! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Glad you stumbled across my blog! Yours is super cute too! Looking forward to following it and the other one you are guest blogging on :)


Rebecca Parsons

Lol I got a kick out of your title and lead into the article, good luck on your endeavors because its a tough road eating right and trying to stay fit. I can say that road always seems like it is blocked for me. NO will power,


No will power here, good luck to you though!!!

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